Build And Play

Here at Andy's Brick Shop, we wanted to create a space simply for the joy of playing and building with LEGO®, Introducing our "BUILD AND PLAY". Here , you and your child can enjoy the delights of LEGO®.

We happily welcome everyone of all ages. However, please know that WE ARE NOT A CHILDCARE or BABYSITTING FACILITY and do not provide unsupervised visits for children under 13 years old. Parents/guardians MUST be present with children younger than 13 at all times.

If your child is 13 and older, they may come and go on their own without an accompanying parent/guardian present. However, even though we have staff members present at all times during normal hours of operation, we  will not assume responsibility or liability for your child.



11:00am - 6:00pm

$10 for first hour, $5 for each additional 1/2 hour, per visit - this includes admission as well as a free "Build-A-Fig" (5 pieces, limited to 1 per child, per visit).

Day passes available for $25 per day.

*Not available during scheduled parties and events. Please contact Andy's Brick Shop at (215) 757-5346 for availability. Be sure to ask about how you can reserve this space for your own party or celebration!

Things To Do

  • Lego® Racetrack - Build and race a LEGO® car (or truck, train, bus, or whatever you can imagine!) with other "custom builders"

  • Duplo® play area - Lots of options for your little ones to be creative, too!

  • Free build - Exactly how it sounds. Tons of pieces for your inner LEGO® Master

  • And Much More!

Our LEGO® are UV sanitized hourly and our facility is thoroughly cleaned nightly for  the safety of our guests and staff.